The Modern Spark Trio plays music from a wide range of genres and is able to tailor their performance to what you need. They are always willing to learn new music - some requests may include an additional fee. If you need assistance selecting music, they would be happy to help out. Please see the repertoire page for suggestions and recordings.


The Modern Spark Trio is able to perform with additional musicians or vocalists for special songs during the ceremony. Depending on the complexity of the part, there may be an additional charge to prepare a piece. The trio is able to rehearse with the additional musician shortly before the prelude music begins.


Formal black is worn during all performances unless otherwise requested.


The Modern Spark Trio does provide their own piano, if needed. The pianist will need access to an electric outlet (or extension cord) where they are playing. If a piano is provided at the event, the piano must be in tune and in good condition, with an area for the other musicians to play. If the provided piano is an electric keyboard, it must be full-size with weighted keys.

The trio will need three armless chairs where they are playing - folding chairs are fine. If chairs are not available, the trio can bring their own with advance notice.


The Modern Spark Trio does perform outdoors. Due to the nature of their instruments and the possibility of foul weather, they are only able to play in a covered area. Also, they are not able to play if the temperature is below 60 degrees or above 90 degrees. For their pianist, the trio will need access to an electric outlet (or extension cord) where they are playing.


The Modern Spark Trio regularly performs in the Twin Cities area. For locations outside the 694/494 loop, travel fees may apply. Contact them for more details.


To confirm availability, contact The Modern Spark Trio on the contact page of this website, fill out and submit the online booking form, or call 651-489-5461. Once their availability has been confirmed, they will mail or email you a copy of their contract. The booking is complete and the date reserved once both parties have signed the contract and the trio has received the deposit.


A deposit is required to hold the date for your event. The deposit is 50% of the total fee. Your date is secured once the trio has signed the contract and received your deposit.

If you need to cancel your event after already signing the contract and submitting the deposit, The Modern Spark Trio will refund 50% of your deposit as long as they have written notice of your cancellation at least 30 days before your reserved date.

If you need to reschedule your event after already signing the contract and submitting the deposit, they will work with you to accommodate a new performance date, depending on their availability. If they are available on the new date, no additional deposit or fee will be required.


If one of the members is unable to perform at your event, a substitute musician will be provided. In a worst case scenario, if they are unable to find a substitute, they will adapt the performance to work with the remaining players.